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Short or long-term options are available. If the problem is specific, a few sessions may be all you want (6 - 12).  Or you might like to work in a more open ended way - taking time to explore your world and perhaps thinking about the meaning of your life and your experiences.  Perhaps the issues you are facing have been with you for some time and you wish for a space to consider them - without knowing how long it will take.


Please contact me by phone or by email, I am happy to talk about what you are looking for and to arrange a first session.



Sessions take place at the same time every week and a time that is suitable will be agreed at the first session.


Face to face sessions talk place in my garden consulting room.  For those not local or if you are travelling sessions are via Skype /Facetime.


There is parking outside and the local train station is a short walk.


Sessions are 50 minutes long.  Clients may work short or long term.


"If you are unsure if therapy is for you, an initial session can explore your concerns and help you decide if it feels right."

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